The Precious Striped Bass

Fishing with the super moon means big tides and difficult fishing. This makes this keeper very precious. On this trip we had 1 keeper bass and 4-5 small fish and some missed opportunities. The overall trend in Boston harbor continues to be spotty fishing. Meaning some fish here and there but nothing consistent. Currently there doesn’t seem to be a large amount of fish feeding in Boston harbor. This may be due to generally cold water temperatures in New England waters. ( according to ocean temp forecasters). There is plenty of bait mackerel, pogies, herring and squid for the fish to feed on. So as soon as the fish find them it should be exciting fishing in Boston harbor. There is one thing I can do when the fishing gets tough is to fish harder. One thing for sure is we have fun on every trip. So book a trip, catch some fish and have some fun.


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