Striped Bass is hot! For now…

Successful fishing on board C.J. Victoria
Successful fishing on board C.J. Victoria

If you have been following my fishing reports and my Facebook posts you would have seen that this season has been challenging when fishing for Striped Bass.  Up and down the New England coast  fishers have been wondering what is happening to the state of the the Striped Bass fishery?  Regulators are discussing changing regulations for the 2015 season and adjusting the commercial quota to protect the Striped Bass. I have found that the fishing has been very inconsistent.  The fish are at times here in large numbers and then they are gone.  Where they go is the big question unanswered, most likely offshore. We use to find fish on a day by day basis.  This season it has become an hour by hour basis.  One hour you find them in a spot.  The next hour they are not there.
The past two weeks the fishing has been excellent.  Better late than never!  This group was lucky to find the fish on a solid feed.  Plenty of action was had by everyone.  Rest assured we try our best to get every trip into the action like we have had this past two weeks.  We usually have live bait, chunk and chum bait and plenty of other techniques to get you into the action.  The most important part of  fishing success is to have fish in the harbor to be caught.  Right now the fish are here and the action is good.  It could get better or it could change and slow down.  No one knows.  It’s fishing!  Plan on coming onboard and having a great time fishing. Catching fish like this is a bonus!

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