Stellwagen Bank Haddock and Cod fishing!

Stellwagen Bank Haddock and Cod fishing!

May 8, 2012

A great couple of productive fishing days on-board C.J. Victoria. Fred and the gang came for some great offshore cod and haddock fishing. We started the trip at 4:30 am and steamed out to Stellwagen bank. Our first stop has us jigging up mackerel. A lot of bait was showing on the fish finder but there wasn’t any cod or haddock mixed with them. We move into deeper water and the action took off. Fish after fish came over the rail in waves of action. Fresh clam was the bait of choice. Fred and the gang fished hard and had bags of fillets at the end of the trip for their efforts.

When you charter C.J. Victoria we will properly take care of your catch. We instantly ice down the fish, fillet and package your fish for you to take home.

Try an offshore cod and haddock trip to put some fish in your freezer.
We encountered schools of porpoise on this trip that put on a great show.

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