Quincy Bay Flounder Fishing

Quincy Bay offers some of the best flounder fishing in the Boston area. Our charters provide you with the perfect opportunity to explore these abundant waters and enjoy a day of successful flounder fishing.

Quincy Bay’s unique underwater topography, consisting of sandy bottoms and grassy flats, creates an ideal habitat for flounder. The bay’s nutrient-rich waters attract a diverse range of baitfish, making it a prime feeding ground for flounder. This, combined with its relatively sheltered location, ensures a high chance of a rewarding catch.

The best time to fish for flounder in Quincy Bay is during the spring months. As the water temperatures begin to rise, flounder move into the shallow waters of the bay to feed and spawn. This period, typically from late April through June, sees the highest flounder activity, providing anglers with the best opportunity to land a significant catch.

At CJ Victoria Fishing Charters, we are dedicated to providing an unforgettable flounder fishing experience in Quincy Bay. Our charters are equipped with the latest fishing gear and navigational technology, ensuring a comfortable and productive trip. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, our experienced crew will guide you to the best spots and share tips and techniques to enhance your fishing adventure.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience some of the best flounder fishing in the region. Book your trip with CJ Victoria Fishing Charters today and get ready for an exciting day on the waters of Quincy Bay!

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Fishing Regulations

Each angler is allowed to keep a maximum of 8 flounder, with the stipulation that each fish must be 12 inches or over in length.

Locations Fished

We fish for flounder in the calm, inshore waters of Quincy Bay and Boston Harbor Islands.

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Flounder Fishing

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