Good weather, good fishing…Challenging weather…

The weather plays an important role in fishing.  Barometric pressure, water temperature, winds, sun, clouds, tides are all pieces in solving the fishing puzzle.  Just when you think you have the puzzle solved, a piece changes.
The weather is one of those factors that kept changing the past few days, ranging from clear, warm days to cold, rainy, windy ones.
Fishing was good this past weekend, especially when the weather was good.  Bass fishing and flounder fishing was good.  Some trips saw limits of big bass and nice sized flounder.  Some trips were for the hardy fisher with the winds and rain challenging everyone.  The fish were still there, just not in big numbers. 
The harbor has tons of small, trout sized striped bass that are too small to feed on the live mackerel we are presenting to them.
To sum up, good weather; good fishing, challenging weather; challenging fishing, but it’s always an adventure.  Check out our schedule to get into the action.

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