Fishing Highs, Lows and Very Highs!

May 14, 2012

C.J. Victoria fished the entire weekend. Our customers experienced everything fishing has to offer. We had highs, lows and very highs. Our first trip was for striped bass. It starts with a run to the mackerel fishing grounds. Striped bass love to feed on mackerel. Mackerel fishing is great fun and is what we call striped bass candy, so we jigged plenty for bait. We move to the striped bass fishing grounds sent out the live mackerel and almost instantly got into fish. Fishing slowed down a bit until the the fish moved in with a big appetite toward the end of the outgoing tide, then it was tight rods.

Everyone, with fishing rods in hand, started hooking up. Bang, bang, bang, there was fishing action for everyone with a triple hook up. Our morning ended high with great fishing action.

The afternoon trip experienced the lows. We had a hard time finding feeding fish this afternoon. Sometimes fishing is like a switch. At times the fish just about jump into the boat. Then like a flick of a switch, the fish are gone and action is slow. When fishing is tough, we will constantly work hard to get into the action. The afternoon was our low with tough fishing.

The highs of highs happened the next day with an offshore cod and haddock trip to Stellwagen bank. We had long time customers on-board. I call these guys ” the luckiest family” because they always have a great catch. However, on this trip they outdid themselves. The Stellwagen bank cod fishing was non-stop action. Nice size cod and haddock came in. Plenty of fish for everyone.

When fishing with C.J. Victoria you will experience everything fishing has to offer. You fish with rods in hand. You won’t be sitting just looking at the rods. Our motto is: you fish for it, you hook it, you reel it, you catch it, or you loose it. That’s fishing. We will help you every step along the way. You may experience the highs, lows and hopefully the very highs.

If you would like more information about fishing for Striped bass and for Cod and haddock trips.

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