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Welcome aboard CJ Victoria, your gateway to exploring Boston’s historic waters. Our Boston Harbor cruises combine the serene beauty of the sea with the fascinating history of Boston. Perfect for both locals and tourists, these cruises offer a new way to view the city, merging relaxation, sightseeing, and fishing.

Historical Sights of Boston Harbor

Join us for a cruise through Boston Harbor, a place steeped in American history. You’ll get up-close views of significant landmarks like the Boston Tea Party site and the USS Constitution. Each landmark tells a part of Boston’s rich history. The unfolding Boston skyline from our cruise is not just scenic, but also a live narrative of the city’s past.

Photography enthusiasts will find these cruises particularly rewarding. The skyline, seen from the calm waters of the harbor, especially during sunset or our evening cruises, offers a stunning view, perfect for capturing beautiful moments.

Fishing Adventures in the City

CJ Victoria isn’t just for sightseeing. We also cater to fishing enthusiasts. Imagine fishing against the city’s backdrop, targeting popular species like flounder, striped bass, and bluefish. Our crew, knowledgeable in local fishing spots, will guide you to the best areas for a successful fishing experience.

We welcome anglers of all skill levels. Whether you’re experienced or new to fishing, we provide the necessary equipment and guidance. There’s nothing quite like catching a fish with the Boston skyline in the background.

Join Us for a Memorable Trip

At CJ Victoria, we aim to offer more than just a cruise. Our trips are designed for comfort, adventure, and unique views of one of America’s historic cities. Whether you want to relax, explore, or enjoy a day of fishing, our cruises have something for everyone.

Booking a cruise with us is simple and convenient. We have various options to fit different schedules and preferences. Join us on CJ Victoria for a memorable journey through Boston Harbor. Experience the city from a special vantage point on our cruise.

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