Striped Bass Fishing on C.J. Victoria is Good!

We have been running striped bass fishing trips.  Fishing has been very good especially on the 6:00 am to 12:00 pm trips.  The morning trip are starting with catching mackerel.  The mackerel have been really good and big!  Some of the big ones have been going home with anglers for dinner.  The striped bass action has also been good, on some afternoon trips.  We did notice a little slowdown when the weather got very warm.  We went out in some over cast conditions this past weekend a got our limit of fish.  The customers had plenty of fillets to take home with them.  I always recommend if you want to get into good fishing action book the morning trip.  I provide the afternoon trip for the anglers that don’t want to get up early.

Here are some photos of our catch.  Keep in mind  this may not be where we are fishing.
I have had many people comment to me about the locations of the photos, seeing isn’t always
believing.  It’s just the place where I took the photo.  If you want details of where we are fishing just become a friend and I’ll tell you where the fish are.   Look us up on Facebook is a great place to start!

We have been booking up quickly.  If you are thinking about planning a trip, don’t wait.  Weekend dates are booking up,  There are weekdays available next week.  See our availability and BOOK NOW!

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