Stellwagen Bank Cod Fishing

Stellwagen Bank Cod and Haddock Fishing Trips

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This trip consists primarily of Cod and Haddock fishing in the outer Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay area. The fish New England fishermen have caught for 400 years.

• 12 Haddock 17″ or over per person
• Trips leave 4:30 am and return 2:30 pm.
• Rod, reels and bait are provided on all charters.
• 4-5 people are recommended. 6 people max. not including crew.
This is a full day charter.
Check our online schedule for date availability.
Boston Cod and Haddock fishing:

Cod and Haddock fishing is extremely popular in Boston. The long stretches of water and rocky areas are highly conducive to exceptional fishing activity.

Fish season and fishing regulations:
The best seasons to fish for Cod and Haddock are between 1st April and 30th November. Even during this period April to June months are exceptionally good. You can also hope to get good catches of Cod and Haddock fish from September to November.. Each person can carry 12 Haddock fish with them. When fishing for Haddock you can fish for 12 fish. The minimum size is 17 inches. Usually, both Cod and Haddock are found together in the waters so both get fished in conjunction. Sometimes, you might find very huge Cod fish, some ranging up to 60 pounds in weight! Other fish that you can catch along with Cod and Haddock are Pollack, Wolf fish and Cusk etc.