Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is the cost per person or for the boat?
A- The cost is for chartering the boat with a maximum of six people.

Q- What if I have less than six people?
A- The cost is the same. Charges are based chartering the boat not per person.

Q- Do you ever do mixed passenger trips?
A- No currently we are a private charter. 

Q- What is the trip time for 1/2 day, 3/4 day and full day?
A- 1/2 day is four hours, 3/4 day is 6 hours, and a full day is 8-10 hours+ 

Q- Are fishing charters good for kids?
A- Yes, flounder trips are better for younger kids 6 and under. Children 12 years old or younger must wear a lifejacket.

Q- Do I need a fishing license?
A- No.  C.J. Victoria has a license that covers all passengers on-board.

Q- How many people can the boat hold?
A- We are regulated under the United States Coast Guard and are only allowed 6 passengers max.

Q- Can you provide additional boats?
A- Yes.

Q- What do we need to bring?
A- C.J. Victoria will provided everything fishing related, rods and reels and bait.  Here are some suggestions that you should bring on-board, sweat shirt, raincoat, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, snacks and lunch, beverages and a small cooler to bring our fillets home.

Q- Can we bring alcoholic beverages on-board?
A- Yes.  (if anyone become drunk or unruly the trip will immediately return to the dock)

Q- What are the chances of catching fish?
A- We do everything to catch fish for our passengers, however, we depend on mother nature to provide the action.

Q- How do you determine weather cancellations?
A- We make weather related the decisions on the morning of your trip or if we are able to determine sooner. It’s the winds that cancel trips.

Q- What if it rains?
A- Rain or shine we go fishing.  The fish are already wet. It’s the winds that cancel trips. We will cancel for heavy rain.

Q- Where does the boat depart from?
A- Our main dock is 707 Shirley Street Winthrop, Ma 02152 ( the town pier) Boston Pick up location is 400 Atlantic Avenue Boston, MA 02110 ( Gate “C”)

Q- Is there a bathroom onboard?
A- Yes.  A bathroom on a boat is called a head.