Boston Harbor Striped Bass Details

Fishing methods used:
There are many different styles of fishing that we use for catching Striped Bass and Bluefish in the Boston area.  The most successful are trolling, chuck & chumming and of course live & dead baits such as mackerel, porgies, eels, worms and crustaceans. During the season live baits work the best while drifting or being anchored over tidal rips, bumps and bottom structure, while drifting live bait and chunking is the preferred method in late August. The most common fishing tackle used for striped bass and bluefish is light tackle gear everyone has a chance to fish.Particular locations:
We fish for striped bass in the outer regions of Boston Harbor and the islands. Other areas are Boston Light, Georges Island, Graves Light, Gallops island inshore fishery and Lovells Island.

Weather conditions:
Striped bass fishing is characterized by calm waters in the inshore Boston Harbor and Islands. The best time of the day to fish is during early morning. We fish shallow waters which have current in them. In summer the conditions could change. A regular half day trip last 4 hours to fish while three-quarter day fishing trips could last 6 hours.
What to expect: